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A Touch
Poetry by: Anonymous


you touched me once
i remember it all to well
a touch is skin to skin
but there's way too much
that went along with it
i remember the touch
i remember your words
i remember my words
and i remember my thoughts
i remember your laughs
second by second
what the hell's wrong with me?
always feeling like a pervert
i finally understand
you were the wrong one
but i still feel wrong for so much
everything's too damn strong
i'm stuck in myself
i know it's the past
i just have to keep reminding
myself that or else i'll forget
people like you hurt me so much
im trying to calm down and
live in the moment trying
to get outside so i can breathe
but the thoughts from then
crowd my head so much all the time
you don't remember me
i'm probably a blur with all the others
you probably don't give a damn about me
why the hell do i give a damn about you?
i realized how people
like you tore me away from my parents
well, now i have new friends
friends who care about me
who know and who are helping me
get closer to my parents again
they understand
they know what i want
and they're gunna help me get it
but right now your clouding
my mind so much i forget why i live.