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In Loving Memory of Charles

Contributed by: Windearthfr
(also known as PgnsmNascar )


Please be patient with me as I write this because this is soad enough of it and told him I was threw taking the abuse. He finally realized that it was hurting the children every time we fought, not us, but the ones who needed us the most.

We were able to save our marriage and never beat on each other again after that. Then in July of 1998 he was gone and I was alone with the children. We are still getting help with his death, but we are living again. We still love and miss him and I guess we always will. There is a song that best says what is happening now and it is by Celine Dion, "My Heart Will Go On." I will always cherish the time that he was with me and cherish his two children that I still have with me and hope his son can see one day that it is ok to be like his dad. .Now he is our special angel, who is still with us to watch over us like he did when he was on this earth.

May he know how much he is missed by us and know how much he is loved by us.