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The Hargon Family Trajedy
Case-Related Articles

February 16 Reward offered for missing family of 3
February 17 Family's fate a mystery
February 18 Relatives turn to TV in search of family
February 18 What happened to them? P.B. couple rushes to Mississippi after
learning daughter, her family are missing; shell casings and blood found at their home
February 16 Ominous Signs: Bloody Clues Found After Family
February 19 No answers in family's disappearance February
February 19 Dad believes family was kidnapped
February 10 Missing Family Had Problems With Bills
February 20 Larry King Live
February 20 Clues suggest missing family met foul play
February 21 Hounds, FBI search for missing family
February 21 Polygraphs, dogs, but no sign of missing Mississippi family (Day #16)
February 22 Family touched relatives, friends
February 23 Land Willed to Hargon Raises
February 24 Authorities seek white van in Hargon family disappearance
February 24 Case gets tougher as time passes
February 24 White van possible link in missing family case
February 27 Hargon investigators sift through leads
February 28 Hargon case may be solved
February 28 Charges expected against adopted cousin in missing family case
February 29 Relative of missing family faces drug and firearm charge
March 1 Bodies believed to be missing family recovered; relative charged
March 1 Investigators searching Covington County site in missing family case
March 1 Search ends on cousin's property for missing family
March 1 Missing Family's Cousin Charged
March 2 Suspect leads police to family's bodies
March 2 Bodies of Three Miss. Family Members Found
March 2 The Hargons
March 2 Onlookers hold grim vigil in Covington
March 2 Triple murder charge in missing family case
March 2 Suspect's life turbulent, court records show
March 2 Hargons' bodies found; cousin accused as killershow
March 3 Hargon relatives prepare for slain family's funeral
March 3 Autopsies show Michael Hargon shot while wife and son strangled
March 3 Search for missing family stirs small town
March 3 Stepfather struggles to believe suspect capable of murder
March 3 Hargon relatives prepare for slain family's funeral
March 5 Michael Ray Hargon Rebecca Dawn Hargon James Patrick Hargon (Obit)
March 5 Family to be buried today in Vaughan — in a single casket
March 7 Many followed case into tiny town
March 8 Harkins Makes Chair for Hargon Family
March 8 Hargon farm's fate uncertain
March 9 Court Hearing Set in Hargon Case
March 9 Hargon funeral mass held in Canton
March 10 Warrant reveals Hargon search details
March 11 Taylorsville, Smith County residents show feeling of sadness, sorrow at candlelight vigil
March 18 Attorney says Hargon will be on hand for motions hearing
March 21 Hargon Family Will Attend Hearing
April 12 Hargon Prosecutor Comfortable In High-Profile Cases
April 19 Hargon Waives Hearing, Sending Case Grand Jury


Clarion Ledger -- Hargon Family Disappearance

Smith County Reformer -- Hargon Family Disappearance

Pictorial Look at the Hargon Case with Permission of Ed Hutchinson

Photos Related to the Hargon family’s disappearance in Mississippi (February 2004)