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In Loving Memory of Pepper


Contributed by: Windearthfr
(also known as PgnsmNascar)

Pepper was my baby boy and thought my son belonged to him...Pepper though the world of my son....they played together and slept together...I remember a time my son was getting ready for school and Pepper realized he was bigger than my son...He chased him up the hallway pinching his bottom with his teeth just to get even with him for all those times he would put his head into the door facing, telling on him when he did something wrong...Pepper would tell on him if he went to get out of bed at night...Pepper was a joy to our lives when we was down over my husband dying...Pepper let us know it was ok to trust ourselves and live life to the fullest..ALWAYS REMEMBERING IT WAS OK TO LOVE SOMETHING OR SOMEONE.....I will always remember Pepper and the love he gave to me and my children...

Rest in peace my special angel!