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In Loving Memory of
Samantha Runnion
You're in Our Hearts Forever

I don't quite know how to give you
the tribute you deserve, Samantha.
Instead, I think the messages
from folks who care for you and your parents
are what I can do.
Be safe, dear heart!

(From Ayelean)
Tell her for me:
It is too soon to think of your daughter
as the heroine she is.
In time you will come to know
that her actions will have saved
thousands of other children
whose parents will take the time
to teach them how to keep from
meeting the same fate.
Samantha is the poster child
of kidnapped children everywhere.
She should be canonized as the
patron saint of beautiful babies
everywhere that are coveted by evil sick people.

(From Masquerade)
I wish I had something profound to say to Erin,
something uplifting and comforting.
I believe that Samantha was truly an angel
on earth, only here for a brief period,
but one who touched an entire nation with the flash of her smile.
I know that I will never forget her darling little face.
Please accept my deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences.

(From Keebu)
This is the time when it is the hardest to cope
and make it through the day.
In time you will become stronger
and more resilient.