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I'm Telling On You

February 14, 2002

I have to speak
I have to tell
Of the day
I took a trip to hell.

I was only six
At the time
When life as I knew it
Was no longer mine.

I just stood there
Frozen in shock
Because he touched me
And I couldn't talk.

Pepe' should of known better
This was not right
To touch his granddaughter
When out of sight.

The damage he caused me
He never knew
I suffered in silence
As i grew.

The secrets, the hatred,
The rage , the shame.
I took out on me
I thought I was the blame.

Year after year,
Day in , day out
My soul was crying
To figure this out.

This trip to hell
On that day
Has lasted a lifetime
And now i say.

You bastard
What gave you the right
To incest me
And hold me tight.

I will yell, I will tell
Everyone I know
So people like you
Will cease to grow.

I will speak out
Against your kind
I'm glad your dead
Grandfather of mine.