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Abuse Survivors
Courage to Heal
A Time to Remember
Shattered Dreams: Remembering Our Lost
Criminology Related
A Case Study of a Pedophile
The Hargon Family
Mass Murder in Fresno: Marcus Wesson -- Still In Control
BTK Serial Killer Returns
Michael Jackson: Predator or Victim?
JonBenet Ramsey
(Warning: Graphic Nature)
The True Death of Innocence
Dispelling Yet Another Myth Surrounding the JonBenet Ramsey Murder Investigation
Will the Real Patricia Please Stand Up?
Patricia, Take a Final Bow
There is a variety of material on this site, so relax and enjoy.

The abuse and grief survivors sections contain poetry, writings, and drawings written by abuse and grief survivors. Telling your story to the world is empowering. There are also links to articles on abuse and grief along with hot line numbers.

The criminology section contains several articles related not only to the brutal murder of JonBenet Ramsey, but on the internet subculture that was born as a result of this unsolved murder. Other topics include the tragic deaths of the Hargon Family in Mississippi; Marcus Wesson, characterized by some as a charismatic psychopath, who killed nine of his children in Fresno, California; an article documenting the seduction process of a pedophile; a look at Michael Jackson--is he a predator or a victim; and, the notorious BTK serial killer who hunted his victims down in Wichita Kansas.

A special thanks goes to Billy, who not only was kind enough to provide me with his technical advice on web paging, but took the time to make the guestbook.

I endorse the following petition to Colorado Governor Bill Owens.
Appoint a Special Prosecutor in the JonBenet Murder Investigation Petition
Please visit the above link and sign the petition.

If you have any comments, suggestions or would like to contribute writings or drawings to the abuse survivor section, email me at

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