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I hate being so alone, i don't wanna be alone
It's not happening it's not happening again
I gotta keep saying it
But it's not helping
Okay, focus, focus...
focus on the candle flame; that might help.
I look at the candle flame, it's so pretty,
It stands alone and it's not scared
I want to be able to do that someday
The flame is really brave
All of the aloneness and darkness
could put it out so fast but it still stands tall
It's fun to pretend i'm not such a coward;
that i could be as brave as that candle flame.
It remains peaceful, never budging for the evil...
for the memories;
just shining bright and bold
I'm going to be just like that candle one day;
I can learn to stand up for myself
I can learn to scare the memories
and bad things away instead of letting them scare me away
One day, at a very dark and scary time,
i'll be just like that flame,
and i'll make my own light and i won't be lonely anymore.
I'll be brave and i'll be able to scare the
memories out of my head
It looks so easy; so simple but i know it's not
I know it will take all of my strength
i know it's not going to be easy,
but i don't want to feel this all through my life.
I'm going to learn to be just like that cande flame.
I can do it and i'm going to do it starting right now.

Contributed by: Molly